FYI Food and Behaviour Log
This log can be used to help parents keep a record of what and how much their child is eating. Parents can also record any suspected or observed binge episodes or weight control behaviour.
FYI Step by Step Problem Solving
The steps outlined on this worksheet could be a useful way of helping parents deal with a specific problem. It can be a way of helping parents decide how to address their child's eating and body image problems, or parents can use it collaboratively with their child to enhance their problem solving skills.
FYI Pros and Cons of Change
Parents could use this worksheet collaboratively with their child to explore the positives and negatives of changing their eating or body image problems.
Readiness Ruler
This ruler could help determine if a young person is ready to change their eating or body image problems. It can be done by parents on behalf of their child, or parents could do it collaboratively with their child to obtain a clearer picture of their motivation for change.
The RAVES principles can be helpful for parents when re-establishing their child’s eating pattern. Each principle must be addressed in sequence to achieve a healthy eating pattern. This worksheet outlines each of these principles.
Headspace Mythbuster: Eating Disorders
This document outlines some common myths surrounding eating disorders, and provides factual information which could be a useful resource for parents.
FEAST Up To The Plate
A family guide to the importance of nutrition for understanding and treating eating disorders.
FEAST Puzzling Symptoms
A family guide to the neurobiology of eating disorders.